Category: C / C++ / C#

C, C# & C++ (source code only) (Volume Discounts available) - or any  
combination as determined by individual product release date and version. 
Import this source code into an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that
supports html5 game creation. Learn how to create your own C/C++ game from
a real-world, proven successful games. Step by step instructions and design  
document included. Import this source code into any Integrated Development 
Environment (IDE) that supports html5 game creation. 1-time fee Game license 
is included with each game template.

Each game template provides options for revenue sharing as an Affiliate;  
but, requires:

    1) Non-disclosure agreement.
    2) Inclusion of proprietary (encrypted) remote script.

Software Source Code Features List:

    • Proven Code for Proven successful game products;
    • Simple to re-brand and customize with your own graphics and sounds;
    • Fast and lightweight, built with C/C++/C#;
    • Re-size to fit your website;
    • Fun and addictive games keep your visitors coming back;
    • Customize everything;
    • Add your own preloader graphics;
    • Add your own inter-level messages;
    • Hide or show any game object;
    • Add your own instructions;
    • Countdown clock included;
    • Proven Code for Proven success game product;

Game as seen on PBMCube Gaming Network Syndication. Current Version / Released: 15.0; AS2 and AS3; CS4, C6, Java, C & C-Sharp, and HTML5/JavaScript (stable since: 2 Jan 2015)   Game Description: A Customization Maze…

Starting at: $60.00