Game Template Maze Generation Bundle

Game as seen on PBMCube Gaming Network Syndication.

Current Version / Released: 15.0; AS2 and AS3; CS4, C6, Java, C & C-Sharp, and HTML5/JavaScript
(stable since: 2 Jan 2015)


Game Description:
A Customization Maze Game template by Steve Gose Games Studio. Add your own images and sounds to bring this gaming template to life — See our success in Market Saturation. Or let your users create their own adventures and invite their social network to play. Set the difficulty by choosing the maze dimension’s depth, width and height.

Game Template Content: $502.95 Package on Sale! 90%+ Discount

  •  Includes Life-time game license, royalty FREE non-exclusive, valued $48;
  •  Includes FREE! 320+ page Game Mechanics Template User Guide, valued @ $32.95;
  •  Includes FREE! Affiliate Guide,valued @ $2;
  •  Optional: Fourteen (16) .FLA source-file formats (CS4 & 6), valued @ $12 each;
  •  Nineteen (19) additional source-files in C, C++, C#, Java & JavaScript , valued @ $12 each;
  •  Both Traditional Flash and external programming formats;
  •  White label: Your logo inside and throughout the game;
  •  Non Disclosure Agreement – permits access to more content;
  •  Multi-player RPG game Soldier’s Test (arst) included;
  •  Various maze generations software included;
  •  Labyrinth ActionScript source code for square and hexagonal mazes;
  •  Mega-Bundle of Source code in: ActionScript 2 & 3, JAVA, C, C#, JavaScript, and MS Office;
  •  Access to remote high-score database;
  •  PHP high-score system for self-hosting;
  •  Internal links point back your web site;
  •  Reference to dozens of 3rd Party labyrinth algorithms

Product History:

  •  Current release: 2 Jan 2015 | version: 15.0 (stable).
  •  Initial Game release: Feb 1974 as Ruins of Able-Wyvern Dungeon & Dragons Module.
  •  Initial online Game release: 13 JUL 1995 as Ruins of Able-Wyvern of v0.1 through v3.
  •  Initial WWW Game release: 5 AUG 2002 as Ruins of Able-Wyvern of v3.1 through v8.

Market Saturation: (as of 1 April 2014)

  •  hosted on 1,154 websites and BBS.
  •  average syndication games plays per day: 64.36.
  •  200,000 gamers in first 14 months!