Winx Club Musa Music Match

Game Title: Winx Club Musa Music Match [play online demo version]

  • Current Version: 14.0 (stable since: 2 Jan 2014)
  • Game mechanics: Audio memory match
  • ActionScript: 3;
  • Flash Format: CS4;
  • Sku: $12 Annual License Subscription (See option below)
  • Sku: $48 1‐time License Fee (See option below)

Game Description:Musa Music Match (M3)
Musa Winx power is Music; do you have music powers? Try your skills in this Winx Club first Musical Audio Puzzle. Excellent music education game and “ear training”.

Game Features:
36 languages supported.

Market Saturation:

  • hosted on 64 websites.
  • 393,963 total games sessions.
  • 350,259 total games plays.
  • 9.11 average game plays per gamer per host.
  • 1,040,858 total game‐ad impressions.