Winx Club RPG: Math Class 101

Game Title: Winx Club RPG: Math Class 101 [play online demo version]

  • Current Version: 15.0 (stable since: 2 Jan 2014)
  • Game mechanics: Puzzle;
  • ActionScript: 3;
  • Flash Format: CS4;
  • Sku: $12 Annual License Subscription (See option below)
  • Sku: $48 1-time License Fee (See option below)


Game Description:
Winx Club RPG Math Class is a role-playing game mini-adventure inside the Red Fountain School for Heroes RPG game at You goal is to submit 10 homework assignments and pass your final examination to move up to the second semester.
Educators: This game includes SCORM 2004 compliant access to use in online eLearning math quizzes.
Game Instructions: Complete the school semester with good grades, good experience and a safe girl-friend with nothing lost or stolen items. Click on the formula and remember the locations. Match the correct answer to the formula to make good grades.


Game Features:

  • Several levels of difficulty
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division drills
  • Graded using online education standards – SCORM 2014
  • Visual hints available.
  • Integrates into popular TV Cartoon world of Winx.


Product History:

  • Development time:
  • Initial Release: 24 June 2014
  • Historical releases:
  • Distribution Channels: Flash Game Distribution, New Grounds.


Market Saturation:

  • hosted on 27 websites.
  • 11,910 total games sessions.
  • 11,910 total games plays.
  • 16.69 average game plays per gamer per host.
  • 7,435 total game‐ad impressions.
  • Aggregated Advertising revenue generated: $3.28