Winx Club Tecna Flip Flop

Game Title: Winx Club Tecna Flip Flop [play online demo version]

  • Current Version: 14.0 (stable since: 2 Jan 2014)
  • Game mechanics: Puzzle;
  • ActionScript: 3;
  • Flash Format: CS4;
  • Sku: $12 Annual License Subscription (See option below)
  • Sku: $48 1-time License Fee (See option below)


Game Description:
Who is smarter? Tecna or Timmy, Bloom or Sky? Play as one of your favorite Winx Characters in this reversi-Othello style game. Play against Tecna, Timmy or one of the evil Trix, and learn who is the smartest Winx.


Game Features:

  • Win awards, badges and 1-month free membership.
  • 36 languages
  • New BONUS Game every month!
  • international highscore!!
  • multiplayer at the same keyboard.
  • choose your character and color
  • RPG; create your character and add intelligence


Product History:

  • Development time: June – September, 2009
  • Initial Release: 24 June 2009 as Winx Club Bloom Jigsaw v0.1 through v2.8.
  • Historical releases: 28 Sept 2009 as Just Bloom – Megagame collection v3.0 through v14.
  • Distribution Channels: Flash Game Distribution, Mochi Media, Talk Arcade.


Market Saturation:

  • hosted on 42 websites.
  • 212,519 total games sessions.
  • 233,608 total games plays.
  • 24.79 average game plays per gamer per host.
  • 270,218 total game‐ad impressions.
  • Aggregated Advertising revenue generated: $48.44